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2023 Register Call for Nominations

27 Apr 2023 4:35 PM | Dina Rivera (Administrator)

The Register of Professional Archaeologists (Register) is calling on you as a Registered Professional Archaeologist to submit nominations (that includes yourself) for our upcoming elections. Registrant nominations are critical to the continued guidance of the Register as it presents another forum for you as individuals to make your voices heard.

The following positions are open for election this fall. Position descriptions are provided below.

  • President-Elect (Jan 2024 – Dec 2025)
  • Registrar (Jan 2024 – Dec 2025)
  • Standards Board Member (Jan 2024 – Dec 2025); serves as Chair for last year of term.
  • Standards Board Alternates (Jan 2024 – Dec 2025); 3 positions.
  • Nominating Committee (Jan 2024 – Dec 2024)

The Nomination and Election Schedule is as follows:

August 1, 2023            Nominations due to

September 1, 2023      Ballots to Registrants

September 31, 2023    Elections Close (midnight)

Thank you for your help in guiding the Register through another year!

Position Descriptions


Duties of the President-Elect. Basic Functions. The President-Elect needs to be familiar with all phases of REGISTER activities and functions and be prepared to assume the office of President at any time. In the absence of the President or upon his request, the President-Elect must be ready to conduct meetings and assume all duties and responsibilities of the President’s office.

Duties and Responsibilities

The most important duty is to assist the President. Responsible for any other assignments made by the President.


A Registrar shall be elected to a two-year term by a vote of the RPAs. The Registrar is responsible for determining whether to approve applications for registration.

Duties and Responsibilities

Responsible for reviewing applications for membership and determining whether to approve applications for registration.

Standards Board and Standards Board Alternates

In accordance with the Disciplinary Procedures of the Register of Professional Archaeologists, the Standards Board shall hear and decide on all appeals from decisions of the Registrar and shall make final decisions regarding the disciplinary action resulting from complaints of violations of the Code of Conduct and the Standards of Research Performance that are referred to the Standards Board by the Grievance Coordinator.

The Standards Board shall consist of three RPAs as well as a First, Second and Third Alternate, all of whom must be RPAs. One Standards Board member and one Alternate shall be elected by a ballot of RPAs each year, and each shall hold office for three years or until a successor shall be duly elected. The Standards Board member with the longest tenure shall serve as the Chair of the Standards Board.

A Standards Board member or Alternate actively involved in a grievance case or appeal at the time of the election of a successor shall remain a member of the Standards Board with respect to each such grievance case or appeal until final disposition. The newly elected Standards Board Members and Alternates shall assume all other duties of the position.

Duties and Responsibilities

Actively participate in appeals and make decisions pertaining to Grievance Actions.

Nominating Committee Chair and At-large Member

Each year the Nominating Committee is responsible for identifying candidates for Standards Boards member, Standards Board alternate, Nominating Committee chair, and Nominating Committee member. In even-numbered years, the Committee is also responsible for identifying candidates for Secretary-Treasurer and Grievance Coordinator-Elect; in odd-numbered years the Committee is responsible for identifying candidates for President-Elect and Registrar.

The Nominating Committee is responsible for preparing a call for nominations, reviewing nominated RPAs and preparing a ballot for the annual September election. The Chair is responsible for managing the Committee, ensuring that the terms of Article 9 of the Bylaws (Elections) are followed, and adhering to the election schedule.

Duties and Responsibilities

Actively participate in forming a call for nominations; vet nominees via professional references; create ballot for open positions.


The Register of Professional Archaeologists

Register of Professional Archaeologists
411 East Northfield Drive, Box 9
Brownsburg, IN  46112

Phone: (317) 798-3001

Grievance Hotline: (410) 246-2150

You do not have to be an RPA/RA to file a Grievance


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