2018 Register of Professional Archaeologists Field School Scholarship Award

2018 Register of Professional Archaeologists’ Field School Scholarship Award

Each year the Register and its Sponsoring Organizations provides scholarship opportunities for students attending Register-certified archaeological field schools. One scholarship in the amount of $1000 can be awarded by each of three of the Register’s sponsoring institutions (SAA, AAA, and AIA) to the director of an Register-certified field school. The director is then free to award the scholarship to a deserving student, or more commonly, divide the award between two students.

2018 Society for American Archaeology-selected Field School Scholarship Recipients

Statistical Research Inc. (SRI), in association with the Institute for Field Research and Coconino National Forest, offers a field school preparing students for a career in Cultural Resource Management. The objective of the 2018 Coconino field school is to prepare students for a career in cultural resource management (CRM) while conducting a typical small-scale CRM inventory and evaluation project. The field school will take place on the Coconino National Forest near Flagstaff, Arizona, and will be taught by staff from SRI, in partnership with archaeologists from the Coconino National Forest. This is the first year of certification and Richard Ciolek-Torello, Ph.D., RPA, 10453 director of the field school, divided the $1000 award between two deserving students.

After serving as Natural Resources Staff Officer and supervisor of the Heritage Program staff at the Prescott National Forest in Arizona, Mr. Michael Kellett decided to pursue a career in CRM. He has entered the Master’s Degree Program in Anthropology at Northern Arizona University (NAU). Mr. Kellett is especially interested in using cultural survey, topographic mapping, geographic information systems, and Google Earth, and obsidian sourcing data to map trade routes in the Prescott Culture area. He intends to use this research for his Master thesis at NAU.  The funding from the Register’s scholarship will subsidize his field school tuition and facilitate his training to complete this research.

Ms. Anna Swenson is from Middleton, Wisconsin, but attends school at Oberlin College in Ohio where she is majoring in Environmental Studies and Archaeological Studies. She says she has spent a little time in the Southwest and can’t wait to return to the area to attend the Coconino field school. She is excited to get some hands-on experience with archaeology and to learn more about cultural resource management and how knowledge might be repatriated in the present context of the Southwest.