Complimentary dues for 2020 will be awarded to every photo contest participant who submits a complete entry meeting the guidelines by the May 14, 2019 deadline.


Find your creative side and give us your best pictures! How would you and your archaeological team like to represent the new face of the Register?  For the 2019 Register photo contest, send us your best images(s) highlighting the profession of archaeology and RPAs in action. We are looking to capture all aspects of our professional practice: photographs from the office, field, lab, professional meetings, and public outreach—all are encouraged.  RPAs in all employment sectors are urged to participate.


Photographs will be judged by the Register President.  The grand prize winner receives $500.  Complimentary dues for 2020 will be awarded to every photo contest participant who submits one complete entry by the May 14th deadline that meets the guidelines. What are the guidelines? 


– Non-field photographs will be given preference.

– Photographs showing RPA’s engaging with non-archaeologists (clients, public, students, etc.) will be given preference.

– No photos of archaeological sites (without an RPA working).

– No silly, professionally inappropriate, or obviously staged photographs.


These first and second prize images will be creative, engaging photographs showing professional archaeologists at work across the diversity of professional practice.


Contest Rules:


– The photographer must be an active RPA.

– All submitted photographs must be taken by the RPA entering the contest.

– The photographer must hold the copyright.

– The photos must be high-resolution, no less than 400 dpi.

– All archaeologists in the photograph(s) must be active RPAs.

– Photos must be submitted with captions identifying people in the image, their RPA number, and explaining what is happening in the shot.

– All activities depicted in the photographs must comply with the Register’s Code of Conduct and Standards for Research Performance

– All completed 2019 RPA Photo Contest entries must be received prior to 11:59 p.m. EDT,  Tuesday, May 14, 2019.


Here’s How to Enter:


Step 1: Click here to download the Attestation and Captions Form. You will need to upload this with your Photo Contest entry submission. 

Step 2: Click here to download the Model Release Form. All identifiable people in the photographs sign a modeling release allowing the Register to use the photograph for on-line and traditional promotional and advertising purposes. You will need to upload this with your Photo Contest entry submission. 

Step 3: Click here to download the Photo Release/ Copyright Transfer Form. You will need to upload this with your Photo Contest entry submission. 

Step 4: Click the button below to submit you entry form!