Affiliated Societies Program Information

The Affiliated Societies Program for the Register of Professional Archaeologists was approved by the Board at the January 2015 Board meeting. This program is open to state level archaeological professional councils, state archaeological societies, and regional, national, and international archaeological societies. The basic requirements for becoming an affiliated society are 1) for the society to embrace the Register’s Code of Conduct and Standards of Research Performance as their own statement on ethics; and 2) the payment of an annual fee to the Register that is based on the size of their membership.

annual fees for affiliated societies

As of 2020, the deadline for Affiliated Societies to pay dues and/or renew is OCTOBER 1. If a society is interested in becoming an affiliate of the Register, their annual fees are calculated as follows:


Size of Affiliated SocietyAnnual Fee
Societies with 1-250 members$100 per year
Societies with 251-499 members$250 per year
Societies with 500 or more members$500 per year

benefits for affiliated societies

By becoming affiliated with The Register of Professional Archaeologists, you’re creating a valuable benefit for your members. Members of RPA-affiliated societies pay discounted registration/renewal fees. That’s a savings of $50 over the unaffiliated registration fee!

how to become an affiliated society

To become an affiliated society of the Register, please email The Register at with a copy of:

  • A board resolution that your society will embrace the Register Code of Conduct and Standards of Research Performance
  • A copy of your bylaws
  • A list of your officers and members 

Please note: the affiliated society fee must be paid by October 1 for the discounted fee to be applied for RPAs/RAs renewals for the following year. The discounted fee canbe applied immediately to new RPA/RA applicants (given society payment is received). Discounted fees cannot be applied retroactively.