Application for RA Registration

1. How to Register

Before beginning your application, please carefully read about the necessary qualifications and documentation on the How to Register page.

2. Fees and Processing

Non-refundable application fee$55
The application fee is waived if you have graduated with an degree within the last six (6) months*
Affiliated RA: Members of one or more of the organization’s sponsoring organizations (AAA, AIA, SAA, or SHA)$50
Affiliated Society RA: Members of one or more of the organization’s Affiliated Societies who are not affiliated with one of the four sponsoring organizations (AAA, AIA, SAA, or SHA)$65
Unaffiliated RA: Applicants who are not members of any of the sponsoring organizations or Affiliated Societies$99

Please Note:

  • *All RA Application fees will also be waived in 2020.
  • Your application will not be processed until you have submitted payment for your application fee. Upon approval of your application, you will again receive a notification indicating your approval, with a link to the invoice for your registration fee.

Click here to view Frequently Asked Questions about registration.