Congressman Christopher Gibson

Congressman Gibson has represented New York’s 19th District since 2012, having previously served the 20th District for one term. Congressman Gibson is a valuable advocate for historic and cultural resource protection in New York. He acquired significant funding to support the interpretation and preservation of archaeological and historic sites in eastern New York, and worked with the Preservation League of New York and the Columbia County Land Conservancy to protect historic and cultural resources impacted by an 11-mile power line in Columbia County. He also supports the Martin Van Buren House National Historic Site, a significant historic and archaeological site from our nation’s antebellum era.

The Congressman’s efforts to protect cultural resources beyond the Hudson Valley include co-sponsoring legislation in the House to extend authorization for the Erie Canal National Heritage Corridor Act, signing a letter supporting funding for State Historic Preservation Offices in FY 2016, and co-authoring H.R. 2817, the National Historic Preservation Amendments Act. Most recently, as a member of Armed Services Committee, he voted against a proposed amendment to the FY2016 National Defense Authorization Act that would amend the National Historic Preservation Act to allow federal agencies, for national security reasons, to remove properties from the National Register of Historic Places or to prevent the listing of new properties.

Congressman Gibson has also spoken publicly about the importance of the Antiquities Act of 1906, to preserve cultural resources for future generations, and opposed efforts to limit the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to study climate change after three massive flooding episodes destroyed small farms (and important archaeological and historic resources) in eastern New York.