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Action Needed – AZ HB 2498






Registered Professional Archaeologists:


The State of Arizona is considering allowing the use of non-professional archaeologists to conduct archaeological work on state land for any type of project. This is a direct threat to the Register’s Standards of Research Performance, Code of Conduct, registration criteria, and to our profession in general. This isn’t just an Arizona issue. When one state takes action like this, it often spreads to other states…and yours could be next! Please stand with Arizona RPAs in opposition to State House Bill 2498 currently pending a vote in the State Senate. I am asking all RPAs, but particularly those that vote in Arizona, to go to the Arizona Archaeological Council website ( to learn about this bill, and then to contact their state senator in opposition.


To find out who your state senator is, go to


This may come up for a vote this week. So, please don’t delay. Here are some talking points in case you contact them via phone:

  • My name is X and I am a voter in your district.
  • Please vote against House Bill 2498.
  • Passage of this bill could result in destruction of the state’s cultural and historic heritage.
  • This heritage is important not only to learn about and value the past but also plays a strong role in economic development and heritage tourism.
  • The bill would put protection of state’s heritage in the hands of non-professionals with minimal training and result in loss of significant resources, including places that are significant to tribes
  • We already have tools and procedures to address industry’s concerns without sacrificing our heritage, and need a chance to use them.


Fight for our profession and professional registration as an RPA!


Christopher D. Dore, RPA 10331





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