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Application for Registration Instructions




Please read the following instructions and qualifications carefully before beginning the application form located at the bottom of this page. You will be able to upload the required supporting documentation directly within the form, and certain sections of the form will be required for some applicants and not others, based on the quoted qualifications within the form instructions.

You will also be prompted to submit payment for the $35.00 non-refundable application fee once you submit your completed application.All Canadian checks MUST specify US dollars to be accepted.

Please note: Your application will not enter processing until your application fee has been processed.

If you have graduated with your advanced degree within the last six (6) months, then you would qualify to have your application fee waived. In this case, please:

  1. complete and submit the application
  2. select "Bill Me" on the payment screen to generate an application invoice
  3. email RPA Headquarters indicating that your fee should be waived





Applicants for registration must:

  • hold an advanced degree (such as an M.A., M.S., Ph.D., or D.Sc.)
  • have completed a thesis, “Plan B” paper, or dissertation that addresses a substantive archaeological issue or question from an accredited institution in:
    • archaeology
    • anthropology
    • art history
    • classics
    • history
    • other germane discipline with a specialization in archaeology

As part of that degree, applicants shall have designed and executed an archaeological study and have reported on that research in the form of a master's thesis, “Plan B” paper, or Ph.D. dissertation.

Applicants may substitute a report (or several smaller reports that together are) equivalent in scope and quality to a master's thesis or Ph.D. dissertation, but still showing a substantive data analysis by the applicant directed toward an explicit archaeological research problem.

A purely descriptive report, however long, is not considered equivalent; this includes standard “survey” reports describing results of survey type fieldwork.

Applicants who meet the thesis or dissertation requirement, or have demonstrated their research background by preparation of a report(s) equivalent to the research demonstrated by writing thesis or dissertation, should complete only Sections I and II of this application and then submit the application with all required supporting documentation:

  • Copy of advanced degree diploma or transcript
  • Copy of CV/ Resume
  • Copy of master's thesis/dissertation, which must include its:
    • Title page
    • Abstract
    • Table of contents

Applicants who wish to apply using other documentation of a substantive data analysis as part of an archaeological study must also complete Section III.



Application Processing


If you are mailing the application, please include two (2) separate checks for the application fee and registration fee. All Canadian checks MUST specify US dollars to be accepted.

A breakdown of the fees can be found below:

 Application Fee

 Non-Refundable Application Fee


  •  Note: The application fee is waived if you have graduated with an advanced degree within the last six (6) months.



 Annual Registration Fees

  •  Members of one or more of the RPA's sponsoring organizations



  • Members of one or more of the RPA's affiliated societies who are not affiliated with one of the four sponsoring organizations (Society for Historical Archaeology, Society for American Archaeology, American Anthropological Association, or the Archaeological Institute of America)



  • Applicants who are not members of any of the sponsoring organizations or affiliated societies




If you are submitting the application online, you will receive a reply from RPA Headquarters, within one (1) business day, confirming the receipt of your application and including a link to the invoice for your non-refundable application fee.


PLEASE NOTE: Your application will not be processed until you have submitted payment for your application fee. Upon approval of your application, you will again receive a notification indicating your approval, with a link to the invoice for your registration fee.



Click here to begin your online application



Applicants who Prefer Mailing the Application


If you would prefer to apply for registration by physically mailing all forms and documentation to RPA Headquarters, you are more than welcome to do so.

The two links below will allow you to download and save a PDF of the full application form. The first will open a "fillable" PDF Form of the application, which will allow you to type your responses directly within the document.

The second version is intended for applicants who would prefer to print the application first then complete the required fields by writing directly on the printed copy.


PDF Application for Registration



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