From the desk of Linda France Stine, the Register's 2020 President, RPA #11037

A warm welcome to the year 2020, which has already accelerated well into February. First, I would like to thank the Register’s 2019 President, Christopher Dore, RPA #10331 for his valuable service. I also want to commend former Registrar, John Welch, RPA #10227, for his work with our Business Office to streamline the registration process. I would like to recognize and offer congratulations to the Register’s new President-Elect, Trish Fernandez, RPA #989366, and Registrar, Kristina Killgrove, RPA #47012495. They have been hard at work respectively processing registration applications, designing new FAQ sheets, and recruiting new registrants at the recent AIA meetings in D.C. Barbara Clark, RPA #16386 and Leigh Casey Campetti, RPA #41591365 represented the Register at the SHA information booth, while William Hoffman, RPA #12520, shared new information about the Register with the SHA Officers. Additionally, Grievance Coordinator, Chris Horrell, RPA #15990 and his Committee will be busy this year advising some of our sponsors who are also creating new codes of conduct.

As the new President, I will be supporting the Register’s Board of Directors, our policies, and our Code of Conduct and Standards of Research Performance. I will represent you and your concerns to the Board of Directors. We have already taken feedback into account with regards to the RA requirements and registration fees. An RA who is a member of an affiliated or a sponsoring organization will receive a proportional discount similar to that of an RPA. See the new FAQ for Registered Archaeologists for more information. I personally envision an RA as a committed archaeological technician/field assistant with at least two years under their “trowel,” who wants to abide by the Register’s Code of Conduct and Standards of Research Performance, as a professional archaeologist.

The Register’s Board of Directors offer their service to this organization as volunteers. I urge our RPA and RA community to consider adding their services to the Register through committee assignments, by engaging through social media, or by picking up the phone and calling me or one of the other Officers. Our contact information is found on the website here. My sincere thanks to those who are stepping into positions as Chair or Committee Member, but there are important committee positions that still need to be filled. If you want to discuss a committee appointment, contact me at

The year 2020 should see us achieve additional goals within our 5-year strategic plan. We are currently working on the final stages of hiring the Register’s very first Executive Director, which was a position that was conceived as “Business Manager” long ago. Our new Executive Director and I will be reaching out to RPAs and to RAs to discuss ways to improve the Register and facilitate professional development, communication, and management. We will be revising Bylaws, our Codes of Conduct, and our Standards of Research Performance to reflect the position and duties of the Executive Director, and to articulate the differences between the expectations in the Code of Conduct and Standards of Research Performance between an RPA and an RA.

We have a lot to accomplish this year, and I hope that I will hear from you soon.

Best to all,

Linda France Stine, RPA #11037 
2020 President
The Register of Professional Archaeologists