Process for Review of Applications

Review Process

Once the application and all required supporting documents are received in the Register’s Business Office, the application is logged into a database and forwarded to the Registrar for review.

The Registrar is responsible for determining whether to approve applications for registration, following any procedures established by the Board. A Registrar Advisory Committee (RAC; composed of no more than three RPAs) may be appointed to assist the Registrar, as needed.

If the Registrar can clearly determine the applicant meets all qualification for registration, the Register’s Business Office is notified. The applicant is, in turn, notified of their registration as an RPA pending payment by the prospective registrant of applicable fees by deadlines established by the Board.

If the Registrar determines information is missing from the application, or if clarification on parts of the application are needed, the Registrar notifies the Register’s Business Office on deficiencies. The Business Office then notifies the applicant of the opportunity to supply clarifications or missing information to the Business Office. This information is then forwarded back to the Registrar for further review.

If the Registrar determines the applicant does not meet the qualifications for registration, they will notify the Register’s Business Office, who in turn will notify the applicant that their application is denied.

If the application form shows the applicant did not present a thesis or dissertation discussing a substantive data analysis on an explicit archaeological research problem, but has instead submitted other reports prepared later with such a data analysis, all members of the RAC are sent the application for review. In this case, the Registrar reaches a determination of eligibility after receiving comments from the RAC.

When Will I Hear Back?

Because of the need for Registrar review, and occasional consultation with the RAC, allow up to 30 business days for application review.

Once approved, you will be mailed a welcome letter with your username and password for the website. If you have not received this letter within 30 business days from the day you submitted a complete application, please contact the Register’s Headquarters at or 410-931-8100.

What is My Recourse if My Application is Denied?

If an individual is denied registration, the Registrar, through the Register’s Business Office, provides information to the applicant as to why the registration was denied. If the applicant believes this to be in error, the individual can provide additional documentation for review to the Registrar and the RAC, who will again review the application.

If the original denial of registration is upheld by further review by the Register, then the individual denied registration by the Registrar may appeal the decision to the Register’s Standards Board (Register By-laws, Article 7), whose decision shall be final.

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