SAA Membership Survey

Calling all RPAs!


The SAA is currently conducting a survey to collect input from the archaeological community on the revision of their Principles of Archaeological Ethics. This feedback will contribute to a full evaluation of the SAA ethics code, including the philosophical approach to ethics in the organization and the content of those ethics.  


SAA members and non-members alike are encouraged to participate to ensure that the survey is representative of the needs and interests of the archaeological community. The data collected will be used to guide the SAA Board in its leadership of the organization and to inform a third task force that will be charged with revising the SAA Principles of Ethics.


As the SAA is one of our partnering organizations, and as part of our continued support of archaeological ethics, we encourage RPAs to lend their voices to the survey!


Task Force (TF) on the Revision of the SAA Principles of Archaeological Ethics: Stage 2