Spring 2018 Registrant Update

The Register’s Board of Directors met in New Orleans on January 3, during the Society for Historical Archaeology’s Annual Conference. The Board is moving forward with the implementation of the ambitious 5-year plan approved in 2017. Key elements of the plan include:

  • improving professional support for registrants,
  • reexamining registration criteria, the Code of Conduct, and the Standards of Research Performance against the needs, realities, and evolution of professional archaeological practice,
  • building organizational infrastructure and staff,
  • consideration of accrediting academic programs and archaeological consulting firms,
  • marketing the Register brand (and RPAs) to the “consumers” of archaeology (e.g. clients, public, agencies), and
  • creating a “market” for all those continuing professional education credits you are receiving from the Register.


The Register is completing a refresh of the web site, with a new and much improved “back-end” registrant management system, and is establishing a new web site that is a comprehensive listing of resources on ethics in archaeology. Both sites should be on-line this spring. The data for the latter site was collected by the Register’s Ethics Intern last summer. The Ethics Intern program will continue under the oversight of a newly Board-established Ethics Committee that will also oversee the Register’s participation in and sponsorship of the three Ethics Bowls (SAA, SHA, and CIfA) that the Register supports.

Work is finalizing, as well, on a more explicit statement on harassment: harassment of any kind is not acceptable professional behavior. Harassment has always generally been covered in the Code of Conduct, but the Board felt that the topic should be explicitly addressed in the Code. Under the facilitation of the Grievance Coordinator, a task force has been working on drafting this new language.

On the financial side, an operating budget of $195,000 was approved. Dues will increase slightly by less than one percent for 2019. This is the first time that dues have been increased in the 20-year history of the Register. The increase is necessary to cover inflation-reduced purchasing power and the expanding support of registrants through the initiatives of the new five-year plan.

Celebration and congratulations are due to new Register awardees and volunteers. Dr. James Bruseth, RPA 11186 received the Charles R. McGimsey III – Hester A. Davis Distinguished Service Award. Senator Rob Portman of Ohio received the John F. Seiberling Award. The Department of Anthropology at Florida State University received a Presidential Recognition Award for, among other things, requiring that archaeology faculty members are RPAs. With no staff of our own, the work of the Register is carried on by volunteer RPAs serving in a variety of roles and we extend a hearty thanks to those who retired from Register service

Always feel free to reach out to us to let us know how the Register can better support your professional practice!


Christopher D. Dore, RPA 10331, President



Linda Stine, RPA 11037, President-elect