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Vote Today on the Register Bylaws Update! [VOTING CLOSED]

7 Jun 2023 12:08 PM | Dina Rivera (Administrator)

As a valued member of the Register of Professional Archaeologists, we are excited to invite you to participate in an important decision-making process. Your voice and participation are vital as we shape the future of our organization through new bylaws.

Over the past year, our Governance Advisory Committee and the Board of Directors have been diligently reviewing and revising our existing bylaws to ensure they align with our evolving needs and aspirations. We believe that these proposed bylaws will not only streamline our operations but also promote greater transparency, accountability, and Registrant participation.

Earlier this year, the Register circulated draft revised bylaws for Registrant review and comment. We received many comments and made revisions to improve them. Generally, the revised bylaws accomplish the following:

  • Accommodate the addition of other categories of registration, such as the RA category, and leave open the possibility of establishing additional categories;
  • Clarify the powers, responsibilities, and terms of the officers and directors of the board;
  • Clarify and expand the procedures for decision making by the board, including a definition of quorum, limits of authority for officers;
  • Rename secondary boards like the Standards Board to “councils” so that the only “board” is the board of directors;
  • Rename and distinguish between standing committees and task forces, and establishes their limits of authority;
  • Provide detailed fiscal management procedures and limitations; and
  • Describe the process by which future amendments to the Bylaws are pursued.

Additional changes were related to the physical organization and order of topics presented, or to include language that is required by the IRS for the applicable section of the tax code for non-profits.

To proceed with this transformative step, we now invite you to vote on the proposed new bylaws. Your input will play a crucial role in shaping the direction and governance of the Register. The voting process will be conducted online and will commence on June 7, 2023, and conclude on July 5, 2023. During this period, all Registrants (RPA or RA) in good standing members will have the opportunity to cast their vote and make their voices heard. Student / Early Career members are not eligible for voting.

Cast Your Vote Today!

We understand that this is an important decision for our organization, and we encourage you to carefully review the proposed bylaws before casting your vote. To facilitate a thorough understanding of the changes, we have made available a copy of the new bylaws, along with a redlined copy and the existing bylaws. The poll will be active for 30 days. 

We firmly believe that a strong and vibrant organization relies on the active participation of its members. By casting your vote, you contribute to shaping our collective future and ensuring that the Register remains a thriving community.

Thank you for your dedication to the Register, and we look forward to your participation in this essential voting process.

Register of Professional Archaeologists
411 East Northfield Drive, Box 9
Brownsburg, IN  46112

Phone: (317) 798-3001

Grievance Hotline: (410) 246-2150

You do not have to be an RPA/RA to file a Grievance


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