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guidelines for use of registration numbers

The Register of Professional Archaeologists (the Register) assigns a permanent registration number upon registration. The Register encourages registrants to use this number in their professional practice to highlight their registration, certify their work products, and differentiate themselves from non-registered archaeologists. Identifying yourself as a Registered Professional Archaeologist (RPA) in good standing, in any form, when you are not a RPA (i.e., are not formally registered, or your registration has expired due to not paying your annual registration fee) is a violation subject to legal action.


Registration numbers can be found in your online profile.

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You may use your registration number anywhere you use your name in professional writing, correspondence, or promotion (e.g. business cards, web sites).

The preferred format is: Registered Professional Archaeologist 10331

The alternative, abbreviated format is: RPA 10331

Note that no punctuation or number signs are used in either version of the format. Capitalize the first letter of the words Registered Professional Archaeologist in the preferred format. Capitalization also is used in the plural, for a group of Registered Professional Archaeologists. In this latter, group, case registration numbers are not used.

Use of “RPA” or “Registered Professional Archaeologist”, without a number, in either the preferred or abbreviated formats is discouraged when referring to an individual Registered Professional Archaeologist.


3.1 Signature on Letter

3.2 On Business Card

3.3 In Prose

  • Christopher Dore, Registered Professional Archaeologist 10331, specializes in heritage business management.
  • All members of the project team are Registered Professional Archaeologists.
  • The Department of Anthropology at Florida State University requires that their archaeology faculty register as Registered Professional Archaeologists.

3.4 Resumes and Curriculum Vitae

RPA designation should not be under the headings of “Memberships” or “Professional Societies” as the Register of Professional Archaeologists is neither a membership organization nor a professional society. The heading “Registrations” should be used, with your registration information listed under the heading.


Registered Professional Archaeologist 10331


Registered Professional Archaeologists are not currently allowed to use their RPA numbers on stamps or seals. Personalized stamps and seals may be available for purchase from the Register in the future.


Registered Professional Archaeologists are not currently allowed to use the Register logo or other Register organizational branding for personal identification or affiliation. Use of Register branding for other purposes is only allowed with prior written permission from the Register President.

Register of Professional Archaeologists
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Phone: (317) 798-3001

Grievance Hotline: (410) 246-2150

You do not have to be an RPA/RA to file a Grievance

Email: info@rpanet.org

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