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The Register of Professional Archaeologists is a community of professional archaeologists. Our mission is to establish and adhere to standards and ethics that represent and adapt to the dynamic field of archaeology and to provide a resource for entities who rely on professional archaeology services.

Important Announcements

The Register values on-going professional development, however, the proposal to require continuing education credits has been tabled by the Board of Directors due to the COVID-19 crisis.

We will revisit this issue in the fall or whenever it seems appropriate to do so. No continuing education credits will be required for at least the rest of 2020.


10 January 2021 

By joining the Register of Professional Archaeologists, an archaeologist recognizes their  personal responsibility to colleagues, clients, and the public and agrees to be held accountable  for their professional behavior. The Register takes complaints against Register-certified  archaeologists very seriously. When a grievance is filed, the Grievance Coordinator opens an  investigation and convenes the Grievance Committee to determine appropriate action. The  Register's grievance procedures are designed to provide for a fair, thorough, and expeditious  process. If the committee determines further action is appropriate, the committee could issue  an official admonishment, public censure, suspension, termination of the accused's RPA  affiliation or a finding that no breach of the Code of Conduct occurred. More details on the  Grievance process, the Code of Conduct, and Standards of Research Performance can be found  on the Register's website: https://rpanet.org/about-grievance/.  

The Register has received three complaints that a Registered Professional Archaeologist  harassed a colleague during a plenary session at the Society for Historical Archaeology  conference on January 6, 2021. Harassment is a violation of the Register Code of Conduct and is  grounds for disciplinary action. The Grievance Coordinator has opened an investigation.  Additional statements may be made on this matter if appropriate.  

Linda Stine

Trish Fernandez


Deborah L Rotman

Executive Director

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The organization commits to maintaining all appropriate sanitary, health, and safety measures and encourage registrants to follow guidelines recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization.


The Archaeological Ethics Database is an ongoing project by the Register of Professional Archaeologists and the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (CIfA).  


GRIEVANCE HOTLINE:  1-410-246-2150

One of the major goals of the Register of Professional Archaeologists is to provide and enforce the organization’s Code of Conduct (Code) and the Standards of Research Performance (Standards). The grievance hotline connects you directly to the Grievance Coordinator, avoiding office staff and intermediaries, for confidential consultation and information.

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*For non-Grievance queries, please call 1-317-352-2262.

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