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What's New at the Register?

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SAA Names Archaeology Southwest and University of Arizona's Preservation Archaeology Field School as Scholarship Recipients.

The SAA has selected Archaeology Southwest and University of Arizona's Preservation Archaeology Field School at Mule Creek, New Mexico as the recipient of a $1,000 scholarship for the 2014 field season. The field school will be taught by Karen Schollmeyer, Ph.D., RPA.

That award will be split among three graduate participants in the field school.

The recipients are:

Hannah Zanotto, a recent graduate of Arizona State University.  She is interested in Hohokam archaeology and connections between the prehistoric Southwest and Mesoamerica.

Maxwell Forton, a recent graduate of Michigan State University.  He is interested in the archaeology of the northern Southwest, especially Ancestral Puebloan religion, rock art iconography, and how people incorporated landscapes into ideology.

Christopher Davis, a recent graduate of the University of Colorado, Boulder.  He is drawn to ceramics, ceramic iconography, lithics, and ethnohistory in the Southwest, as well as studying how ancient people used their environments.

We are looking forward to all three recipients becoming RPAs once they have completed their graduate studies.


President's Message

Lynne Sebastian was one of the most effective presidents in RPA history, and it was my pleasure to have her as my mentor. I was honored to succeed Lynne as president at the February Board meeting, and will do my best to follow her excellent example of service to the Register.

The Register is stronger today than it has ever been, and continues to grow annually. At its start in 1999, the Register had 824 registrants. This increased to 2,097 in 2008, and now we are above 2,600. We have 50 registrants from outside of the United States, with most of those from Canada. The number of registrants outside of North America today stands at 17 and is growing.

The officer and Board of RPA have been very busy since the February meeting. We have put together most of the content for a new web site, and intend to launch the new web site in time for the SAA meeting. Arrangements have been made for presentation of the Charles R. McGimsey/Hester A. Davis Distinguished Service Award to Dr. Thomas Emerson at the SAA meeting. That presentation had been scheduled at the SHA meeting in Quebec, but had to be postponed due to the bad weather that kept many of us from attending that meeting. RPA has agreed to continue to be a sponsor of the Ethics Bowl at the upcoming SAA meeting in recognition of the hard work that teams representing various colleges and universities put into making the Ethics Bowl a success. Thanks to John Douglas, all of the past RPA directories have been scanned and are now on file at the business office. Chuck Niquette provided a complete set of SOPA directories. We  now have complete lists of all past SOPA members and RPA registrants.

The grievance process of RPA must, by its nature, be a confidential process unless and until sanctions of some type are handed down that can be shared with the registrants. That said, it is the desire of the officers and Board to share a bit more about the process so that the registrants can understand that the grievance process is indeed active. That is a work in progress at the moment, and hopefully we will be able to develop a way to share more about the types of cases that are coming before the Grievance Coordinator without violating the confidentiality of any individual case.

The next two years will be both interesting and challenging. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly by email or telephone if you have a question about RPA or suggestions for improvement of the Register. Thank you for the trust you have placed in me. I will do my best to serve the Register and help it grow and improve.

Patrick H. Garrow, RPA


RPA Election Results

The election results are as follows:

President-Elect – Terry Klein

Registrar – Joan Deming

Standards Board Member – Linda Stine

Standards Board Alternate – Kim Redman

Nominating Committee Chair – Sarah Herr

Nominating Committee Member – Colin Busby

The Board of Directors wishes to thank all of the candidates who agreed to run and to congratulate those who will be serving the Register in these important roles over the coming term. The Standards Board and Nominating Committee take office on January 1. The President-elect and Registrar will join the Board at our annual meeting on January 8 in Quebec, where we will be meeting jointly with the Society for Historical Archaeology, one of the four organizational sponsors of the Register of Professional Archaeologists. If you plan on being in Quebec for the SHA meeting, please come by the Register's booth and say hello.

Any RPAs who would be interested in running for elected positions or in serving on one of the Register's committees (Recruitment, Field School Certification, Continuing Professional Education Certification, or Nominating Committee), please contact me or Patrick Garrow, the incoming President.

Lynne Sebastian, Ph.D., RPA

 Have You Updated Your Profile Lately?

As we move into a new year, the Register of Professional Archaeologists would like to ask you to take just a minute to check that your profile in our records is up to date. There are two reasons why we are asking you to do this:


1. The RPA online directory is one of our benefits of registration – colleagues, potential clients, students, and others can use this directory to contact you; it’s important that your directory entry be correct.

2. Your RPA profile includes information about your membership in our sponsor organizations (AAA-AD, AIA, SAA, and SHA). It is that information from our database that allows the sponsor organizations to identify you as an RPA on your meeting badge at SAA or SHA meetings, for example. We’ve been having a lot of complaints about incorrect meeting badges in the past few years, and we want to make every effort to ensure that our database is correct.

So please take a moment, go to the website and follow the simple instructions below. Be SURE to use the “check all that apply” function so that your profile reflects ALL the sponsor organizations of which you are a member.

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